Are you a doctor who wants help nurturing your wellbeing?

Welcome to this amazing space just for you.

This collection of online courses, coaching, short challenges and a nurturing virtual community are the perfect tools to support you as you implement the practices of mindfulness, meditation & self compassion in your life. We know you're busy, so we've made this easy for you, everything in one place and all specifically designed for doctors.


A private online community for doctors featuring monthly wellbeing master classes & group coaching.
Dr Emily Amos sitting on the floor smiling.


Mindful performance coaching to help you find clarity, balance & calm.
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3 day challenges run four times per year designed to kick start your self care.
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Discover how to find balance in your busy, medical life.

These offerings have been designed just for you.

  • Efficient & flexible

    We know you have limited time so these amazing resources are concise, evidence based and 100% online so you can access anywhere, anytime.

  • For doctors, by doctors

    As doctors ourselves, we know how important it is to have information you can trust that is supported by the evidence and presented in a way that respects your training & background.

  • You deserve support too

    Learning how to prioritise our needs and self care as doctors can be difficult, but it is so important for your own health, wellbeing & happiness.

It's time to put your self care front and centre

You're not meant to do this alone... let us help you.